I have had a very interesting week!! Somehow, and I don’t exactly know how this happened,except for maybe senility….I thought Passover was last Tuesday…That’s right,I got the date wrong….and nobody in my family bothered to question the date even though they thought I might be wrong…I am proud to say they blindly just followed along like pesach lambs to the slaughter..On Monday I spent an obscene amount of money for groceries for my phantom Passover..I came home from the grocery store, exhausted myself cleaning my house in preparation.Bright and early Tuesday morning, I began my cooking frenzy with my fabulous crustless lemon cheese cake,I made my Mother’s incredible chopped liver,I made chicken soup with matzo balls, I cooked two amazing briskets,braised for hours in the oven,with tiny roasted carrots and garlic cloves..I chopped locally grown apples,mixed them with chopped pecans,organic clover honey,and Blackberry wine( it was a Charoset to die for!), I made mashed potatoes that would melt in your mouth…I set a beautiful table with blue and white dishes to honor Israel, with a vase of gorgeous white and peach daffodils…I was ready for my family to come,when I decided to take a few minutes break and check my Facebook page ..


that’s when it hit me…Not one of my Jewish friends or far away

family had said anything about it being Passover in the news feed…

With a slightly sick feeling I looked up the date and yes, it was true!! I was a week off!!


I am a middle aged Jewish woman living in the paradise of Central Coastal Califonia..even so I am often bored and I often have urges to do something new or make something useful…( when I’m not being a Jewish Mother,working or taking care of family members,even older than I am)Armed with this blog and my iPhone camera,this is my attempt to entertain myself..